Moderate Fund: Investing Becomes Easier

As an individual investor, you have countless options. How do you find the right solution? Putting together a portfolio that perfectly matches your needs and your risk profile is not an easy task.

Thanks to the Mais Moderate Fund sub-fund, investors can fully benefit from the knowledge of various specialized managers who have access to very precise analysis tools. The target? They manage everything from A to Z for the customer.


Open architecture and impartial advice

Open architecture and impartial advice

Mais Moderate Fund not only offers all the benefits of a compartment, it is also fully in line with the open architecture that Mais chose. The sub-fund can invest in individual securities and European UCIs (SICAVs and investment funds) promoted by other managers, including the most prestigious in the world. As a result, Mais is truly independent and absolutely impartial.


Investment policy

Investment policy

The compartment is a moderate fund . This means that it is aimed at customers who position themselves conservatively on the market and therefore take little risk. The sub-fund aims to outperform the composite reference index: 70% Barclays Euro Aggregate TR € + 30% MSCI World TR € by optimizing performance thanks to discretionary management.

In addition, the managers diversify on the bond and stock markets in different geographical zones in accordance with the predetermined limits. The portfolio is of course regularly reviewed based on the risks and brought back into balance. This way the basic choices are respected. That is one of the benefits of Mais Moderate Fund.

Thanks to the expertise of specialists who actively manage the fund and select the products, the investor does not have to monitor or analyze his portfolio on a daily basis.

Mais Moderate Fund is a sub-fund of the Mais Funds SICAV under Luxembourg law. Created on 12/19/2014. Minimum entry fee € 50. The financial services are insured by CANDIES Belgium. The net asset value is published in L’Echo and De Tijd. The entry fee is 3%.

There are no exit costs. A 25% withholding tax is deducted from the dividends paid on the distribution shares. The capital gains on the capitalization shares can be taxed in accordance with the applicable legislation. When purchasing shares, a stock exchange tax of 1.32% (max. € 2,000) is charged on the capitalization shares. No stock exchange tax is charged on entry into distribution or capitalization shares, or upon exit on distribution shares.

Before investing in this product, it is best to first read the Key Investor Information Document. The Key Investor Information Document (in Dutch and French), the prospectus (in French) and the latest periodic report (in French) are available free of charge at any Mais agency or at the financial service provider in Belgium.

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