3 When You Should Use Vacation Credit

Vacation plans come in many choices: which destination to go to, which hotel to stay in, which means to transport to wear, or even what kind of clothing to bring. However, to do all of this, one must first have one thing prepared: how to finance these expenses? How to have credit on vacation?

There are, in fact, two major ways: either putting some money aside during the year or borrowing money to enjoy this rest period. This second form is misunderstood and sometimes viewed as a way of “living above the possibilities.” However, it is not always so. It is perfectly possible to incur credit on vacation without overindulging.


Enjoy interest-free vacation credit

vacation credit

There is interest-free holiday credit and some travel agencies. For values ​​between 2,000 dollars and 3,000 dollars there are options on the market, although these are scarcer than they were a few years ago. The best thing is to compare the various offers: go to Abreu Agency, Best Travel or Haicon and see if they offer this alternative.


Higher Credits with Good Earnings Only

Higher Credits with Good Earnings Only

He didn’t plan his trip, just decided everything at the last minute, but he really wanted to make that trip to Mexico. Only the round trip Lisbon-Cancún (Mexico) can be bought 10 days in advance for almost 5,000 dollars for a family of four. In these cases you can offset a credit with slightly higher values.

However, you have not planned the holidays well. Firstly you have to analyze your situation. Is your effort rate adequate to add another loan? Are you waiting for pay cuts? Applying for a credit should be a thoughtful and thoughtful decision. And not paying can be very harmful. Please note that personal credit can be used on vacation. But you will only make a good choice if you also make a good comparison.


Alternative to credit? The card!

credit cards

Credit card may even be the most practical option when going on vacation. Just pull from the card, pay and it’s done. You must, of course, be careful. Usually this product has high interest rates, so you have to pay particular attention to spending. But on the other hand, there is even a possibility that you will not be charged interest if you make the payment within a certain date. Even more cards can give you access to discounts at partner entities.

And that’s not all: There are credit cards that offer you air miles every time you make a purchase with it. If you earn enough miles you can even get free travel. Not only that: air miles credit cards can also give you, for example, access to airport lounges.

Finally, with your credit card you can access various associated insurances. Namely, you can access, depending on the product, travel assistance insurance. By triggering this insurance, if something happens, you can save some money. It all depends on the characteristics of the card and what each one offers. Be sure to analyze the market.

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